Development of the Laboratory Network Strategic Plan

Discussion of the OHLN strategy plan

The meeting on developing network strategic plan was held in a series with Capacity Analysis Workshop on June 14, 2017 at Yogyakarta. This meeting was attended by 23 participants from university laboratory representatives. From this meeting, INDOHUN gained many constructive inputs from the laboratory representativesregarding the direction of OHLN network initiative in the future. The discussion of action plan was conducted in three groups based on the main themes, they were

  1. Laboratory basic supply: this aspect consisted of three fundamental principles that will support the laboratory performance, such as financial, reagent and other biologic materials, infrastructure, and laboratory equipment.
  2. Biosafety and Laboratory Personnel: this aspect included several factors that will assure the implementation of biorisk in laboratory, including: biorisk personnel training, biorisk quality management, and personnel health and safety.
  3. Organization: on this aspect, the discussion was focused on the structure and process of laboratory management, such as: organization and collaboration and partnership of the laboratory.

Several inputs given by the laboratory representatives will be the main consideration of INDOHUN when developing OHLN programs, therefore all member needs and interests would be accommodated.

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