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Capacity and Need Analysis of Laboratory Member

Participants in the OHLN laboratory capacity and needs analysis workshop

Following the result of assessment visit to 12 member laboratories, INDOHUN conducted a workshop to disseminate the outcome and to know deeply the capacity and need of each laboratory. The workshop was held on 13-14 June 2017 at Yogyakarta, attended by 38 experts from various universities, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture, PT ProdiaWirahusada, National Accreditation Committee, and Health Laboratory Accreditation Committee. Other than to analyze the need of each laboratory in order to improve its quality, this workshop was also aimed to discuss the quality management system and laboratory accreditation system in Indonesia.

The workshop began with the explanation of initial assessment program conducted in 34 university laboratories and assessment visit to 12 member laboratories. From the analysis, there are several important variables in the laboratory that need to be improved such as management aspect, personnel training, biorisk implementation, quality management, investigation capacity and skill, as well as the laboratory collaboration.

Presentation on Laboratory Mapping Tool was also delivered by FAO staff in order to encourage participants, especially laboratory heads to utilize the assessment visit outcome in making the laboratory management improvement plan in the future. The panel session on laboratory management system and laboratory accreditation mechanism were also discussed on that workshop, including the government plan and strategy to eradicate zoonotic disease through the support of laboratory.

Laboratory accreditation is one important aspect to assure the laboratory investigation quality and performance, including the laboratory under the university authorization. The standards expected to be used include ISO 17025 and ISO 15189. Up to 2017, there were 3 laboratories member of OHLN which have their own parameter or accredited by ISO, which are:

  1. Microbiology and Parasitology Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine, Padjajaran University;
  2. Microbiology Laboratory, Faculty of Veterinary, Bogor Institute of Agriculture; dan
  3. Microbiology Laboratory, Faculty of Veterinary, Airlangga University.

In order to level up the capacity of human resources and investigation, each laboratory analyzed their need of training in the specific theme that will help them to boost the laboratory function quality. After being analyze, there were four main topics needed the most by member laboratory: (1) laboratory management, (2) biosafety and biosecurity, (3) quality assurance, (4) technical and diagnostic ability.

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