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Approximately, more than 50 laboratories are under the authority of university and faculty members of INDOHUN. Hence, there need to be a mechanism to select and prioritize laboratories that will be the member of One Health Laboratory Network (OHLN). The initial assessment was based onthe criteria that the laboratory should be under the authority of INDOHUN university and faculty members, specifically those in the faculty of medicine and/or veterinary and has potential to eradicate zoonotic and emerging disease pathogen. Based on that criteria, there are 35 laboratories which meet the requirement to be assessed. They are located separately in 12 universities in Java, Sumatera and Sulawesi island

S2 students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM are examining the sample

The increasing number of laboratory, with various quality of human resources and different ability to eradicate pathogens become the basic principle of the initial/desktop assessment program. This program was conducted on February – March 2017 with the goal to portray general information and basic capacity of each laboratory that will be the member of OHLN in the first and following year.

There were 5 main variables used in the assessment, including laboratory biosafety level, collaboration and network, human resources, investigation capacity, and laboratory facilities. This assessment was conducted through a survey in each laboratory by using questionnaire which was filled by the surveyor with the help of laboratory head and/or quality manager.

The mandatory requirement for a laboratory to become the member of OHLN on the first year was to comply with Biosafety Level 2 standard and meet the minimum score determined by OHLN. Each variable was assessed based on the scoring system on each category. From 35 laboratories that met the criteria, there were 12 laboratories eligible to be the member of OHLN in the first year. Those laboratories were located separately in 7 universities and 9 faculties in Java and Sulawesi island

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