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Assessment Visit to Laboratory Member

Visit to the chosen laboratory members on the initial assessment program was conducted on April – May 2017. This visit was intended to deeply assess those chosen laboratories, especially in the aspect of capacity, need and gap. Also, this visit aimed to build communication as well as to introduce OHLN programs to the faculty and laboratory representatives.

This program was supported by the national assessors usingtool developed by Food Agricultural Organization, FAO Laboratory Mapping Tool (LMT) version 04216. This tool was chosen because it has covered comprehensive variables and easy to be implemented. Furthermore, this tool can directly show the result or score of the assessed laboratory based on the following variables: 1) general laboratory information; 2) infrastructure, tools and materials; 3) laboratory investigation capacity; 4) biosafety and biosecurity; and 5) laboratory collaboration and networking

Assessors are examining laboratory equipment

During the visit, prior to the assessment, OHLN team held a meeting with university representatives to explain all OHLN programs and procedures of the assessment. The assessment was done by visiting the laboratory and observing its facilities such as buildings, rooms, tools, materials, and laboratory documents. Later, the FAO LMT was filled based on the observation by the head of laboratory, quality manager, head of department, and laboratory assistant.

The scoring decision on FAO LMT was conformed through a discussion by considering the laboratory capacity and eligibility. This assessment was also acted as a self-assessment for each member laboratory, so that there will be future evaluation and improvement to improve the score later on. The result of this assessment was also used as the basis to establish OHLN strategic plan on the following year.

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