Medical Microbiology

Institut Pertanian Bogor
– Laboratory of Medical Microbiology

General information

  • Category of Laboratory:
    Medical Microbiology
  • Faculty:
  • Institution:
    Bogor Agricultural University
  • Address:
    Jl. Agatis Kampus IPB Dramaga Bogor 16680
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  • Operational Hour:
    Day Open Close
    Monday – Thursday 09:00 15:00
    Friday 09:00 15:00
    Saturday and Sunday
  • Contact

    Department Head:
    Dr. drh. Yusuf Ridwan, MS
  • Laboratory Supervisor:
     Dr. drh. Okti Nadia Poetri, M.Si, M.Sc
     Dr. drh. Ni Luh Putu Ika Mayasari
     drh. Rahmat Hidayat, M.Si
  • Laboratory Quality Manager:
     Prof. Dr. drh. Fachriyan Hasmi Pasaribu

Research PT. Intervet Indonesia 2013 – present, Poultry vaccine testing

National Collaboration
Area of Collaboration Institution Name Period of Collaboration Type of Collaboration
Research PT. Intervet Indonesia 2013– present Poultry vaccine testing
Research PT. Zoetis 2013 – present Poultry vaccine testing
Research PT. Lohmann 2013 – present Salmonella vaccine testing
Research PT. Vaksindo 2013 – present Poultry vaccine testing
Research PT. SHS 2013 – present Poultry vaccine testing
Research PT. Medion 2013 – present Poultry vaccine testing
Research PT. Mensana 2013– present Poultry vaccine testing
Research PT. Tempo Scan 2013– present Poultry vaccine testing
Research PT. Tekad Mandiri Citra 2013– present Poultry vaccine testing
Research PT. Sanyo Indonesia 2013– present Aquiaoias testing
NoNameArea of ExpertiseProfession
1Prof. Dr. drh. Fachriyan H. PasaribuAquatic animal health and managemenLecturer, Researcher
2Prof. Dr. drh. Retno D. Soejoedono, MSImunology, infectious disease, poultry diseaseLecturer, Researcher
3Prof. Dr. drh. I Wayan T. W., MSLecturer, Researcher
4Dr. drh. Eko Sugeng Pribadi, MSMicrobiology, mycologyLecturer, Researcher
5drh. Titiek Sunartatie, MSMycology, bacteriologyLecturer, Researcher
6drh. Usamah Afiff, M.ScMycology, bacteriologyLecturer, Researcher
7drh. Surachmi Setiyaningsih, Ph.DMolecular VirologyLecturer, Researcher
8Dr. drh. Hj. Agustin Indrawati, M.BiomedMicrobiology, mycologyLecturer, Researcher
9Dr. drh. Joko Pamungkas, M.Sc.Virology, primate medicineLecturer, Researcher
10Dr. drh. Hj. Sri Murtini, M.SiVirology, imunology, animalLecturer, Researcher
11Dr. drh. Okti Nadia Poetri, M.Si, M.ScImunology, microbiologyLecturer, Researcher
12drh. Rahmat Hidayat, M.SiMicrobiology, fish diseaseLecturer, Researcher
13Dr. drh. Ni Luh Putu Ika MayasariMolecular biology/genetic engineeringLecturer, Researcher
14drh. Dordia Anindita Rotinsulu, M.SiLecturer, Researcher
15Dr. drh. Safika, M.KesLecturer, Researcher
CategoryName of Activity
EducationVeterinary Science S1 (undergraduate)
S1(undergraduate) PracticumBacteriology, mycology, virology, bacterial and mikal disease, virus disease.
TrainingMicrobiology basic training
TrainingDermatophytes mold Isolation and Identification
TrainingSalmonella dan E. Coli Isolation and Identification
Reserach (started from 2012)The utilization of cartography antigen engineering for Avian ifluenzae vaccine selection
Development of DNA Polimerase Thermophyl recombinant enzyme from Pyrococcus Furiosus Synthetic Gen to improve the independence and advancement of Indonesian biotechnology
Patogen Virus Detection and Identification on Indonesia wild animal
Development of Beruk (Macaca nemestrina) as Animal for Dengue Research (2nd Year Research); Part of Consortium Research on Isolate Dengue Vaccine Development in Indonesia
Antiviral Activities goat Lactoferrin (gLf) on Human Papillomavirus Replicationby In Vitro
Production of reverse transcripatas Recombinant Enzyme from SRV-2 (activity test, replication and application)
Fasciolosis Eradication Program on Ruminansia using Infection Ear;y Detection Method with Koproantigen
Effectivity of Orgacid agains Newcastle Diseases Virus
Study on Effectiveness of LG Water Purifier System and LG Sterilization Kit to Eliminate Bacteria
Detection of H5N1 AI Virus at the vendor stall area in Live Bird Markets
Isolation and Identification of bacteria from fesses and bloehole Tursiop aduncus
Skreening test Brucella on Tursiup Aduncus
Dermatomikosis as the final result forvaccine
Potential Test of Medivac ND-Coryza Emulsion Vaccine on Nursery and Broiler Chicken
Potential Test of Vaksimune AI plus and AI plus Vaccine on Laying Chicken
Potential Test of Vaksimune AI plus and AI plus B Vaccine on Duck
Molecular Analysis of Trypanosoma evansi on Buffalo Blood around Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon with Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Method
Potential Test of Medivac ND-Coryza Emulsion Vaccine on Broiler Chicken
Potential Test of Bird Close ND and Bird Close NDAI 5.1 Vaccine
The Utilization of Antigenic Kartografi for Avian Influenza Vaccine Selection
The Utilization of Lamb Salivary Glands from Rumah Potong Hewan (RPH)/slaughterhouse for Lysozim Protein Identification and Isolation as Anti-microba and Immune Control
Transmission experiment of avian influenza virus H5N1 based on Antigenic Cartography
Development of Silk worm vaccine for Avian Influenza
Sensitivity and Specificity Testing ELISA Avian Leukosis Virus kit
The Utilization of Antigenic Kartografi for Avian Influenza Vaccine Selection
Pemeriksaan/ Parameter/ Metode yang TerakreditasiJenis AkreditasiInstitusi Pemberi AkreditasiTahun Akreditasi
Type of TestMethodSample TypeHuman Sample SourceAnimal Sample SourceTurn Around Time - TAT (hari)
Mold Isolation and Identification (Aspergillus, Penicillium, Fusarium etc)Fluff, organ, feed, liter, swab-Yes7 - 14 days
Isolasi dan identifikasi Khamir (Candida, Saccharomyces dll)Fluff, organ, feed, liter, swab-Yes14 - 21 days
Dermatofita microscopic investigationSkin scraping-Yes2 days
Dermatofita Isolation and IdentificationSkin scraping-Yes14 - 21 days
Mycology Testing
Aspergillus Fumigatus/FlavusIdentification-Yes5 -10 days
Aspergillus sp.Identification-Yes4 - 6 days
Fungi IdentificationIdentification-Yes7 - 14 days
Total Kapang/khamirTotal plate count-Yes2 - 5 days
Total SacaromycesIdentification-Yes5 - 8 days
Bacteria Testing
AcetobacterIdentification-Yes7 - 14 days
Angka lempeng totalTotal plate count-Yes1 - 3 days
Azotobacter sp.Identification-Yes7 - 14 days
Bacillus cereusIdentification-Yes3 - 5 days
Bacillus sp.Total plate count-Yes3 - 5 days
Bifidobacterium bifidumIdentification-Yes4 - 12 days
Camphylobacter jejuniIdentification-Yes7 - 14 days
Campylobacter sp.Identification-Yes5 - 14 days
Clostridium ferpringensIdentification-Yes7 - 14 days
Clostridium sp.Identification-Yes4 - 28 days
Clostridium tetaniIdentification-Yes4 - 28 days
ColiformTotal plate count-Yes1 - 3 days
ColiformMPN-Yes5 - 8 days
Enterobacter sp.Total plate count-Yes2 - 4 days
EnterococciIdentification-Yes4 - 12 days
Heart ResistensiIdentification-Yes3 - 7 days
Lactobacillus acidophillusIdentification-Yes4 - 12 days
Legionella sampai speciesIdentification-Yes4 - 12 days
Legionella sp.Identification-Yes4 - 12 days
Listeria sp.Identification-Yes4 - 12 days
Pseudomonas aerugenosaIdentification-Yes7 - 14 days
Salmonella sp.Total plate count-Yes2 - 4 days
Staphylococcus sp.Total plate count-Yes1 - 3 days
Staphylococcus aureus Coagulase (+)Identification-Yes7 - 14 days
Staphylococcus thermophillusTPC dan Identification-Yes7 - 14 days
Total aerob mikrobial countTotal plate count-Yes3 - 6 days
Total Lactobacillus sp.Total plate count-Yes3 - 6 days
Total Steptococcus sp.Total plate count-Yes3 - 6 days
Vibrio choleraeIdentification-Yes5 - 14 days
Serology and Virology Testing
Avian InfluenzaTitrasi Haemaglutinasi inhibisi test-YesMinimal 10 days
Newcastle diseasesTitrasi Haemaglutinasi inhibisi test-YesMinimal 10 days
Egg drop syndromTitrasi Haemaglutinasi inhibisi test-YesMinimal 10 days
Infectious BronchitisTitrasi Haemaglutinasi inhibisi test-YesMinimal 10 days
Mycoplasma gallispecticum-YesMinimal 10 days
Coryza-YesMinimal 10 days
Mycoplasma Synoviae-YesMinimal 10 days
Inflamatory Bowel DiseasesELISA-YesMinimal 10 days
Infectious BronchitisELISA-YesMinimal 10 days
Avian Influenza RT-PCR-YesMinimal 10 days
Avian Influenza H5N1RT-PCR-YesMinimal 10 days
Infectious Bronchitis Isolation and IdentificationSerum Neutralized test-YesMinimal 10 days
Newcastle Diseases Isolation and IdentificationSerum Neutralized test-YesMinimal 10 days
Avian Influenza Isolation and IdentificationSerum Neutralized test-YesMinimal 10 days
NoAlat Laboratorium
1Biosafety Cabinet (Tipe II)
3Biological Microscope
5Deep freezer
8Fume Hood
9Refrigerated Centrifuge
10Micro Centrifuge
NoAlat Laboratorium
21Coloring Bottle
22Coloring bucket
23Hot plate stirrer
24Steel cupboard for combustible material
25Cupboard for media and coloring material
26Cupboardfor other material
27Acid Cupboard
30Inkubator shaker
NoAlat Laboratorium
12Real time PCR
13Anaerobic jar
14Micropipette 0.2 - 2
15Micropipette 2 - 20
16Micropipette 20-200
17Micropipette 100-1000
18Pippette aid
19Termometer Inkubator
20Termometer lemari es
NoAlat Laboratorium
31Inkubator CO2
32Analitic balance
33pH meter digital
34Pipette multichannel
36Frezer -80
37Manual Scale
38Laminar air flow
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