Universitas Gadjah Mada
– Laboratory of Parasitology

General Information

  • Category of Laboratory:
  • Faculty:
  • Institution:
    Gadjah Mada University
  • Address:
    Jalan Farmako Sekip Utara
  • Phone:
    0274 546215
  • Email:
  • Operational Hour:
    Day Open Close
    Monday – Thursday 09:00 15:00
    Friday 09:00 15:00
    Saturday and Sunday
  • Contact

    Department Head:
    dr. Tri Baskoro Tunggul Satoto, M.Sc, Ph.D
  • Laboratory Supervisor:
  • Laboratory Quality Manager:
     dr. Elsa Herdiana Murhandarwati, M.Kes, Ph.D
National Collaboration
Area of Collaboration Institution Name Period of Collaboration Type of Collaboration
Diagnostic Service RSUP Hasan Sadikin Bandung 2015 – present POva investigation; Fungi Investigation;
Candida Investigation;
Bacteria Investigation
Diagnostic Service PT. Prodia 2014 – present Candida Investigation;
Bacteria Investigation
Education and Training PDAM Bandung 2015 Helmintology Training
Education and Training PDAM Bandung 2015 Microalgae Investigation from waste Water
Education and Training RS Mata Cicendo 2017 Microbiology Training
International Collaboration
Area of Collaboration Institution Name Period of Collaboration Type of Collaboration
Research Ehime University 2016 – present Dengue Virus Eradication Through Continual Surveillance Method in Bandung
Research Murdoch Children Research Institution (MCRI) 2015 – 2016 PA Longitudinal study of carriage of Streptococcus pneumoniae (the pneumococcus) in Indonesian infants in the first year life (MCRI-UNPAD-VAC-02430)
NoNameArea of ExpertiseProfession
1dr. Tri Baskoro Tunggul Satoto, M.Sc, Ph.DEntomology, Vector control, parasitologyLecturer, Researcher
2Dr. Budi Mulyaningsih, Apt., MS.Vector Resistance, parasitologyLecturer, Researcher
3Prof. dr. Supargiyono, DTM&H., SU., Ph.D, Sp. Par(K)Malaria, protozoology, immunology, GCLPLecturer, Researcher
4Dr. drh. Sitti Rahmah Umniyati, SU.Entomology, dengue, Vector controlLecturer, Researcher
5Dr. dr. Mahardika Agus Wijayanti, M.KesMalaria, protozoology, immunology, GCLPLecturer, Researcher
dr. Elsa Herdiana Murhandarwati, M.Kes, Ph.DMalaria, protozoology, biomolecular, GCLP, NTDLecturer, Researcher
6dr. Ernaningsih, DTM&H., M.KesEntomology, vectorLecturer
7dr. Tridjoko Hardjanto, DTM&H, M.KesHelmintology, MedicineLecturer
8Rizqiani Amalia Kusumasari, S.Si, M.ScParasitology, biomedism NTD, GCLPLecturer, Researcher
9PurwonoEntomology, helmintology, protozoology, molecularLaboratory Assistant
10KuswatiEntomology, helmintology, protozoologyLaboratory Assistant
11Rumbiwati, ST., M.ScMolecularLaboratory Assistant
12Suprihatin, MBA.MolecularLaboratory Assistant
13Juanna NursanthiMolecular, helmintology, protozoologyLaboratory Assistant
14Joko TrimuratnoEntomologyLaboratory Assistant
CategoryName of Activity
S1 and PPDS PracticumDigestive System and Metabolism, Neuro-musculoskeletal problem, dan Sense Organ Problem
TrainingCancer cell culture
TrainingImmuno Histo Chemistry IHC) for dengue virus detection
TrainingMedicine Entomology (rearing, identification, and mosquito testing)
TrainingIn vivo Culture of Plasmodium berghei
TrainingTechnique for Parasitology Preparation
ResearchOptimizing serological surveillance for malaria in Indonesia
Pemeriksaan/ Parameter/ Metode yang TerakreditasiJenis AkreditasiInstitusi Pemberi AkreditasiTahun Akreditasi
Type of TestMethodSample TypeHuman Sample SourceAnimal Sample SourceTurn Around Time - TAT (Day)
Quantitative test of fessesDdirect smearFessesYes-1 day
Quantitative test of fesseskato-katzFessesYes-1 day
ProtozoaritchieFessesYes-1 day
Blood test for malariaBlood smear (thick and thin)BloodYes-1 day
Blood test for filarialnucleoporeBloodYes-1 day
Trichomonas vaginalis testingdirect smearVaginal SecretYes-1 day
Insect larva testingInsect Larva-Yes1 day
Activity test for Insecticide and replant on mosquitosSample testing--2 weeks
Insecticides Resistance testing on mosquitosbioassay-Yes2 days
Insecticides Resistance testing on mosquitosbiochemis-Yes2 days
Insecticides Resistance testing on mosquitosMolecular--
Preparat slide request--
DNA/RNA IsolationBlood/mosquitoYesYes
Dengue virus detectionIHC, ICC, molecularBlood/mosquitoYesYes
NoLaboratory Equipment
1Biosafety Cabinet (Tipe II)
3Biological Micriscope
7Fume hood
9Inverted Microscope
10CO2 Incubator
NoLaboratory Equipment
22Vortex mixer
23Dissecting microscope
24Multiokuler microscope
25Cell harvester
26pH meter
27Stirer magnetic
NoLaboratory Equipment
11ELISA washer
12ELISA reader
13Vertical electrophoresis
14Horizontal electrophoresis
15Liquid Nitrogen dewar
16Refrigerated microsentrifuge
17Incubator shaker
18Laminar air flow
20Analytical balance
a. Complete the requirement : request letter form institution, copy of ID, 3×4 size photograph 3 copies, copy of proposal (outline), Ethical clearance statement, Cell culture certificate (for research using cell culture with cell line).
b. Wait for the approval from laboratory coordinator
c. If approved, fill in the consultation form to referral supervisor
d. Pay the lab fee to get the logbook and researcher ID
e. Conduct the research
f. Consult to the supervisor
g. Complete payment for tools and material used
a. Bring the sample based on the criteria (specific to fesses)
b. Give the sample data
c. Wait for the test result based on TAT
d. Complete the payment
e. Take the test certificate
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