Universitas Gadjah Mada
– Laboratory of Microbiology

General information

  • Category of Laboratory:
  • Faculty:
  • Institution:
    Gadjah Mada University
  • Address:
    Jalan Farmako Sekip Utara
  • Phone:
    0274 580297
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  • Operational Hour:
    Day Open Close
    Monday – Thursday 09:00 15:00
    Friday 09:00 15:00
    Saturday and Sunday
  • Contact

    Department Head:
    dr. Tri Wibawa, P.D, Sp.MK
  • Laboratory Supervisor:
     dr. Titik Nuruastuti, M.Si, PhD, Sp.MK
  • Laboratory Quality Manager:
National Collaboration
Area of Collaboration Institution Name Period of Collaboration Type of Collaboration
Diagnostic Service RSUP Hasan Sadikin Bandung 2015 – present Ova investigation; Fungi Investigation;
Candida Investigation;
Bacteria Investigation
Diagnostic Service PT. Prodia 2014 – present Candida Investigation;
Bacteria Investigation
Education and Training PDAM Bandung 2015 Helmintology Training
Education and Training PDAM Bandung 2015 Microalgae Investigation from waste Water
Education and Trainingn RS Mata Cicendo 2017 Microbiology Training
International Collaboration
Area of Collaboration Institution Name Period of Collaboration Type of Collaboration
Research Ehime University 2016 – present Dengue Virus Eradication Through Continual Surveillance Method in Bandung
Research Murdoch Children Research Institution (MCRI) 2015 – 2016 PA Longitudinal study of carriage of Streptococcus pneumoniae (the pneumococcus) in Indonesian infants in the first year life (MCRI-UNPAD-VAC-02430)
NoNameArea of ExpertiseProfession
1dr. Praseno, Sp.MK(K)Bacteriology, virology, mycologyLecturer
2dr. Abu Tholib Aman, M.Sc, Ph.D, Sp.MK(K)Bacteriology, virology, mycologyLecturer
3dr. Tri Wibawa, Ph.D, Sp.MKBacteriology, virology, mycologyLecturer
4dr. Titik Nuryastuti, M.Si, Ph.D, Sp.MK(M)Bacteriology, virology, mycologyLecturer
5Dr. dr. Hera Nirwati, M.Kes, Sp.MK(K)Bacteriology, virology, mycologyLecturer
dr. R. Ludhang Pradipta Riski, M.Biotech, Sp.MKBacteriology, virology, mycologyLecturer
6dr. Nurrokman, M.SiBacteriology, virology, mycologyLecturer
7dr. Muhammad Saifudin Hakim, M.ScBacteriology, virology, mycologyLecturer
8Sunyi PangestutiLaboratory Assistant
9HadminiLaboratory Assistant
10MulyaniLaboratory Assistant
11Linda OktabrianaLaboratory Assistant
12Edo Ermanda RomadoniLaboratory Assistant
CategoryName of activity
Undergraduate and PPDS PracticumBasic Principle of Bacterial growth
Undergraduate and PPDS PracticumIsolation and Identification of Streptococcus, Staphilococcus, and Mycobacteria
Undergraduate and PPDS PracticumIsolation and Identification on anaerobic bacteria
Undergraduate and PPDS PracticumIsolation and Identification on aerobic bacteria
Undergraduate and PPDS PracticumIsolation and Identification of Fungi
Undergraduate and PPDS PracticumAntibiotic Susceptibility test
Undergraduate and PPDS PracticumCytomegalovirus Antigenemia Assay
Undergraduate and PPDS PracticumGram Stainig BCCT
TrainingIdentification of pathogen bacteria and antibiotic sensitivity test
TrainingMTB culture and sensitivity test
TrainingGenotyping rotavirus
TrainingComposing biofilm of pathogen bacteria/fungi
Pemeriksaan/ Parameter/ Metode yang TerakreditasiJenis AkreditasiInstitusi Pemberi AkreditasiTahun Akreditasi
Type of testMethodSample TypeHuman Sample SourceAnimal Sample SourceTurn Around Time - TAT (Day)
Mikroskopik gramMicroscopeSputum, cairan tubuh steril, bilasan bronkus, jaringan, urine, feses, sel kultur (padat dan cair)Yes-3 hours
Mikroskopik Zn (BTA)MicroscopeSputum, cairan tubuh steril, bilasan bronkus, jaringan, urine, feses, sel kultur (padat dan cair)Yes-3 hours
Mikroskopik NeisserMicroscopeYes-3 hours
Mikroskopik KOH/LPCBMicroscopeYes-3 hours
Mikroskopik NGOMicroscopeYes-3 hours
Mikroskopik LuesMicroscopeYes-3 hours
Mikroskopik LeptospiraMicroscopeYes-3 hours
Yeast cultureCultureYes-5 hours
BTA cultureCultureYes-6 weeks
Yeast Sensi CultureSensi CultureYes-7 days
General cultureCultureYes-3 days
Salmonella cultureCultureYes-3-4 days
Vibrio cholera cultureCultureYes-3-4 days
Anaerobic cultureCultureYes-3-4 days
General Sensi cultureSensi CultureYes-3-4 days
Urine bacteria sensi cultureSensi CultureYes-3-4 days
GO Sensi cultureSensi CultureYes-3-4 days
Salmonella Sensi cultureSensi CultureYes-3-4 days
Anaerobic Sensi CultureSensi CultureYes-3-4 days
BTA Sensi CultureSensi CultureYes-6-8 weeks
Blood CMVFlorescence MicroscopeYes-3 days
Urine CMVFlorescence MicroscopeYes-3 days
Blood and Urine CMVFlorescence MicroscopeYes-5 days
Drinking Water testYes-7 days
Bacterial DNA ExtractionYes-2 days
Screening MRSAYes-7 days
PCR with elektroforesisYes-5 days
Total bacteria investigationYes-5 days
Tool sterilizationYes-5 days
Biofilm making testYes-5 days
Test of KBM compound as Anti Fungi with delusion techniqueYes-By agreement
Antimicrobial potential testYes-By agreement
Anti-tuberculosis potential testYes-By agreement
NoLaboratory Equipment
1Biosafety Cabinet (Tipe II)
3Biological Micriscope
7Fume hood
9Deep freezer
10Refrigerated centrifuge
NoLaboratory Equipment
11High speed centrifuge
12Ultra centrifuge
14CO2 Incubator
15ELISA Reader
1Sending a request letter to department head by attaching research proposal
2Wait for the request letter reply
3Meet the research coordinator to give clarification
4If approved, go to the administrative procedure
5Start the research by requesting material and media to the laboratory personnel
6Contact the laboratory assistant to get the material and media record usage
7Complete the payment and request the finish statement from the administration department
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