Universitas Sam Ratulangi
– Laboratory of Parasitology

General information

  • Category of Laboratory:
  • Faculty
  • Institution:
    Sam Ratulangi University
  • Address:
    Bagian Parasitologi FK UNSRAT
    Jl. R.W. Monginsidi,  Malalayang, Manado
  • Phone:
  • Email:
  • Operational Hour:
    Day Open Close
    Monday – Thursday 08:00 16:00
    Friday 08:00 16:00
    Saturday and Sunday
  • Contact

    Laboratory Head:
    dr. Victor Pijoh, MKes
  • Laboratory Supervisor:
    Prof. Dr. J.S.B Tuda, M.Kes, Sp.Park(K)
    dr. Janno Bernadus, M.Biomed
  • Laboratory Quality Manager:
National Collaboration
Area of Collaboration Institution Name Period of Collaboration Type of Collaboration
Research Eijkman Institute 2016 – present Japanese Encephalitis Research
Pendidikan Faculty of Public Health Universitas Sam Ratulangi 2014 – present Laboratory Practicum
International Collaboration
Area of Collaboration Institution Name Period of Collaboration Type of Collaboration
Research Tokyo University 2016 – present cDNA Development on Plasmodium Falcifarum
NoNameArea of ExpertiseProfession
1Prof.Dr. Josef S.B. Tuda, M.kes, SpParK (K)Parasitology: Filaria, Malaria, Toxoplasma, Entomology (Anopheles)Lecturer, Researcher
2dr. Janno B. Bernadus, M.BiomedParasitology: Plasmodium falciparum, Mycology, ImunodiagnosticLecturer, Researcher
3Dr. dr. Greta J.P. Wahongan, M.KesParasitology: Helminths, House dust mitesLecturer, Researcher
4dr. Victor Pijoh, M.KesCommunity ParasitologyLecturer, Researcher
5dr. Angle H.M. Sorisi, M.ScParasitology: Aedes aegyptiLecturer, Researcher
CategoryName of Activity
EducationUndergraduate Medicine
TrainingMicroscopic Malaria Officer Training on Public Health Centre
TrainingBasic PCR Training
ResearchBlastocystis hominis Identification by ELISA
ResearchM.tuberculosis Test in sputum with LAMP T Method
ResearchAedes aegypti Larvae Survey
ResearchWorms Survey on Child
ResearchHouse dust mites
ResearchPlasmodium falciparum Identification by RT PCR
ResearchSeroprevalens Toxoplasmosis
Pemeriksaan/ Parameter/ Metode yang TerakreditasiJenis AkreditasiInstitusi Pemberi AkreditasiTahun Akreditasi
Type of testMetodeSample TypeHuman Sample SourceAnimal Sample SourceTurn Around Time - TAT (Day)
Fesses TestMicroscopicFessesYes-1 day
Blood Smear testMicroscopicBloodYes-1 day
NoLaboratory Equipment
1Biosafety Cabinet (Tipe II)
4Deep freezer
7Refrigerated centrifuge
8High-speed centrifuge
10Real time PCR
NoAlat Laboratorium
11ELISA washer
12ELISA reader
13Gel documentation
14Horizontal electrophoresis
15Liquid Nitrogen dewar
1Send or bring the request letter to Parasitology Department or Laboratory
2Fill in the form and complete the document: proposal, ethical clearance, and cover letter from institution
3Research presentation
4Start the research
5Complete the payment
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