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The Discussion of Quality Assurance, Biosafety and Biosecurity Instruction and Technical Guideline

Discussion of laboratory quality management guidelines

Laboratory is one of the key component in the health system. Early detection to prevent the spread of disease or outbreak was highly determined by accurate and quick laboratory investigation. One Health Laboratory Network (OHLN) is the network established to support the implementation of quality laboratory management system, including the quality assurance of investigation result and bio-risk practice (biosafety and biosecurity) in member laboratories.

As the early initiative, a two days’ workshop was held on 5-6 September 2017 in Best Western the Hive Hotel Jakarta to discuss the progress of quality assurance implementation (internal quality control and proficiency test) in each member laboratories. Numbers of microbiology and parasitology experts from member laboratory attended this event to deliver ideas and share experiences

The workshop was conducted by studying and discussing the national and international guidelines regarding laboratory quality assurance that could probably be adopted and implemented by OHLN member in the future (including quality assurance guideline by WHO, US CDC, NIH, Indonesia National Standard and many others).

One of the discussion focus in this meeting was the bio-risk management in laboratory as well as its implementation steps. The urgency of bio-risk management in laboratory these days was widely recognized by scientist all over Indonesia. This condition was due to the fact the laboratory is amongst the place with high risk of accident or biological pathogen material misused. The regulations and standards on bio-risk management implementation in laboratory was continually reinforced by numbers of institution, including the national bio-risk management standard by the National Standard Agency (BSN).

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