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OHLN Visitation to ITD UNAIR Surabaya

One Health Laboratory Network (OHLN) as a national laboratory network, continues to strive to support the development of laboratories in Indonesia. One of the important OHLN agendas is to conduct visits to various university and government laboratories in order to establish prospective collaboration in the laboratory development effort. On 5-6 July 2018, OHLN held a visit to the Institute of Tropical Disease (ITD), Airlangga University (UNAIR) Surabaya. The Institute of Tropical Disease (ITD) is an institute at UNAIR that focuses on interdisciplinary research that can be useful for developing research itself, developing bio-products, training, information and diagnostic services relating to tropical and infectious diseases based on the principles of molecular biology.

OHLN and ITD UNAIR Discussion Forum

INDOHUN’s visit to ITD was held in order to initiate and discuss potential cooperation that could be carried out between ITD UNAIR and OHLN in the future. In addition, this visit also intends to assess several selected laboratories in depth, especially related to the capacities, needs and gaps in selected laboratories. The selected laboratories to be assessed were influenza laboratories, entomology laboratories, and malaria laboratories.

The visit on the first day (July 5, 2018) was intended to have a discussion with the leadership of ITD UNAIR to introduce OHLN and build potential cooperation. The discussion took place in the ITD UNAIR hall and was attended by the director and his staff, as well as the head and staff of the laboratories there. The result of the discussion was the acceptance of OHLN to collaborate with ITD UNAIR and to conduct an assessment of the three laboratories. The activity continued with an assessment in the influenza laboratory. Assessments were carried out by assessors from OHLN using the FAO Laboratory Mapping Tool (LMT).

On the second day (6 July 2018), a series of visiting activities continued to conduct an assessment to the malaria laboratory and entomology laboratory. After the assessment, the OHLN team together with the assessors and staff from each laboratory held a discussion in determining the assessment for each laboratory. The results of the assessment of the three laboratories were then brought to be shown to the director, staff, head, and laboratory staff at ITD UNAIR. The activity was closed with conclusion:: the follow-up visit will be carried out in the coming August  to continue the laboratory assessment and discuss potential collaboration plans in the future.

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