One Health Laboratory Network

Strengthening The Laboratory Capacity and Collaboration

Working together everywhere

We can solve this systemic problem

Indonesia needs a collaboration across of disciplinary, sector, and institution to build the most effective solution to prevent and control the emerging infectious diseases (EID), zoonotic and anti-microbial resistance (AMR) problems

Local capacity strengthen the national resilience

One Health Laboratory Network

Indonesia One Health University Network (INDOHUN) in partnership with Tufts University develop and strengthen the diagnostic capacity of university laboratories and connect them with the government.

Find the laboratory near you

We have assessed 34 parasitology and microbiology laboratories in universities, both from medicine and veterinary science discipline. 12 laboratories from 7 universities met our membership criteria.

Inspiration and information from the experts

In partnership with 12 university laboratories, we have collected data of laboratory experts to facilitate you in getting know experts in One Health area.

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Affiliation and Partner

  • Kemristek DIKTI
  • Kementerian Kesehatan
  • Kementerian Pertanian
  • BEP US Embassy
  • Tufts University