Project 1

Workshop: Establishment of Biosafety and Biosecurity Curriculum in Indonesian Universities

Year of Implementation: 2023

Project Summary

In collaboration with CRDF Global, Indonesia One Health University Network (INDOHUN) – One Health Laboratory Network (OHLN) with the support of Biosecurity Engagement Program (BEP), along with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (MoECRT), seek to establish curricula regarding biorisk management, biosafety and biosecurity, and biotechnology. To achieve this, OHLN will conduct a series of workshops with governmental and university stakeholders to discuss the plan for biosafety and biosecurity related curriculum development and its implementation.

Key Activities: 

  • Participant recruitment
  • Workshop I material development
  • Workshop I implementation: Identification and curriculum development plan
  • Workshop I report
  • Coordination meeting with related stakeholder
  • Workshop II material development
  • Workshop II implementation: Curriculum implementation step in university
  • Workshop II report
  • Project report



Implementing Partner