US BEP - Health Security Partners

Project: GHSA Leaders Fellowship

Year of Implementation: 2020

Project Summary

Indonesia has been a leader in the implementation of the GHSA to increase national capacity to prevent, detect and respond to health security threats.

Despite its demonstrated commitment to GHSA implementation and leadership, the Joint External Evaluation (JEE) performed in November 2017 shows that there are still advances to be made. If more officials in key Ministries have a background in health security issues, they can more effectively support the development of policies, regulations and funding necessary for full GHSA implementation.

The whole-of-government approach requires all agencies to play their part in the full implementation of GHSA action packages, from capacity strengthening to improved cross-sectoral communication and coordination.

Donor and Implementing Partner


  • Online training (6 months): Global Health Security Leader (GHSA) fellowship for 18 participants from  5 ministries
  • Produce recommendations in the form of a policy brief (NAPHS: Action Package Biosafety Biosecurity and Action Package Zoonotic Disease)