May is the last month of internship activities in the division for One Health Laboratory Network (OHLN) interns. A lot of activities have been carried out during this last month, starting from making CRDF factsheets, creating articles, uploading Instagram social media content like the previous months, and this month we also did a lot of […]

Laboratory examinations have been used by doctors for centuries to confirm disease diagnoses. Before the discovery of the microscope, laboratory examinations were conducted macroscopically, relying on the bare eyes to observe various types of specimens such as urine and feces. However, macroscopic examinations alone could not reveal microscopic changes, such as the type and form […]

The current state of global health is a matter of urgent concern, especially in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With new and emerging health threats, it is crucial to have the proper tools that can quickly and accurately detect, diagnose, and surveil diseases. Technological advancements like biosensors might have the potential to help with […]

This manual is a guide for all types / types / scales of organizations that have a life science laboratory or related facilities, which in their activities involve hazardous biological substances. This guide is expected to assist organizations in preparing to build laboratories / facilities as required in the standard. Detail: Type: Document Format: PDF […]

The “Laboratory Quality Management in One Health Laboratory Network Manual Book” is a complete guideline to assist health laboratories to ensure quality assurance programs throughout conducting laboratory services. Details: Type: Document Format: PDF Pages: 307 Size: 2.58 MB Download File

The Standard Operating Procedures Model for Laboratory Biorisk Management developed by the INDOHUN-OHLN Expert Team is intended for laboratory managers, especially college life science labs and laboratories in ministries and institutions in implementing and preparing laboratories to apply for certification in accordance with the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) 8340: 2016 concerning Laboratory Biorisk Management System […]

The Manual Book of Laboratory Biorisk Management Management Quality Guidelines developed by experts from INDOHUN-OHLN which is managed for life science laboratory managers as well as other professional experts to prepare and prepare laboratory needs. This is done in order to implement the management of biological risks in accordance with the latest conditions in the […]