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– Laboratory of Parasitology

General information

  • Category of Laboratory:
    Clinical Parasitology
  • Faculty:
  • Institution:
    Universitas Indonesia
  • Address:
    Jl. Salemba Raya No.6, Jakarta Pusat
  • Phone:
    (021) 31930373
  • Email: /
  • Operational Hour:
    Day Open Close
    Monday – Thursday 08:00 16:00
    Friday 08:00 16:00
    Saturday and Sunday
  • Contact

    Department Head:
    Prof. dr. Agnes Kurniawan, Ph.D, Sp.ParK
  • Laboratory Supervisor:
    Dr. dr. Robiatul Adawiyah, M.Biomed
    Dr. dr. Ika Puspa Sari, M.Biomed, Ph.D
  • Laboratory Quality Manager:
Kerjasama Tingkat Nasional
Bidang Kerjasama Nama Institusi Periode Kerjasama Jenis Kerjasama
Kerjasama Tingkat Internasional
Bidang Kerjasama Nama Institusi Periode Kerjasama Jenis Kerjasama
NoNameArea of ExpertiseProfession
1Prof. dr. Agnes Kurniawan, PhD, SpPar.KProtozology dan HelmintologyLecturer, Researcher
2Pof. Dr. dr. Retno Wahyuningsih MS, SpPar.KFungi infection and diagnostic testLecturer, Researcher
3Prof. Dr. dr Inge Sutanto, M.Phil, SpPar.KMalaria infection and diagnosticLecturer, Researcher
4Prof. Dr. dra. Taniawati SupaliEpidemiology dan Immunology of Filaria and HelmintologyLecturer, Researcher
5Dr. dr Anna Rozalyani, M.Biomed, SpPFungi infection and diagnostic testLecturer, Researcher
6dr. Ika Puspasari, M.Biomed, PhDProtozology dan HelmintologyLecturer, Researcher
7dr. Yenny Djuardi, PhDEpidemiologi dan Imunologi Filaria dan HelmintologiLecturer, Researcher
8Dr. dr. Robiatul Adawiyah, M.BiomedFungi infection and diagnostic testLecturer, Researcher
9dr. Lisawati S, MS, SpPar.KProtozoa dan HelmintologiLecturer
10dra. Ridhawati Sjam, MSEpidemiology dan Immunology of Filaria and HelmintologyLecturer, Researcher, Laboratory Assistant
11dra. Mulyati MSEpidemiology dan Immunology of Filaria and HelmintologyLecturer, Laboratory Assistant
12dra. Rawina W, MSMalaria testLecturer, Researcher, Laboratory Assistant
13dra. Hendry Astuti, MSMalaria testLecturer, Researcher
14SupriyaniFungi testLaboratory Assistant
15Ferna YulitaFungi testLaboratory Assistant
16Yuni WulandariParasit testLaboratory Assistant
17SupariyahParasit testLaboratory Assistant
18RosidiMalaria testLaboratory Assistant
19Bambang MiswantoParasit testLaboratory Assistant
CategoryActivity Name
PPDS PracticumHelminthology, entomology, protozoology, dan mycology Practicum
S1(undergraduate) PracticumHelminthology, entomology, protozoology Practicum
Training (tailored)Helminthology Training
Training (tailored)Protozoology Training
Training (tailored)Mycology Training
Training (tailored)Entomology Training
ResearchCryptodex: A randomised double blind, placebo-controlled phase III trial of adjunctive dexa methasone in HIV infected adults with cryptococcal meningitis
ResearchImmunological and epidemiological factors affecting candidiasis in HIV patients beginning antiretroviral therapy in an Asian clinic
ResearchGenetic diversity and susceptibility study of cryptococcal isolates from HIV-infected patients in Jakarta, Indonesia
ResearchComparison of molecular analysis using regio internal transcribed spacer (ITS) and 18s rDNA for phylogenetic study of Talaromyces marneffei isolat Jakarta from talaromikosis patient and environment
ResearchImplementation of Ovula Propolis on Candidiasis vagina
ResearchChronic Aspergillosis, Candida score
ResearchToxoplasmosis on brain fluid sample
ResearchToxoplasmosis on eye fluid sample
ResearchMolecular malaria
ResearchDiagnostic yield of PCR, antigen, detection, and conventional methods for diagnosis of pulmonary cryptococcosis
ResearchEpidmiologyand Immunology of Filaria
ResearchEpidmiology and Immunology ofHelmin
ResearchEpidmiology and Immunology ofProtozoa usus
ResearchEffectiveness and Treatment of worm infection
ResearchIdentification of Cryptosporidium giardia from PAM water sample
ResearchIdentification of air fungi in ICU room
ResearchEvaluation of filariasis mass treatment in three endemic areas in Sumba Barat Daya Region through thick blood test and serology
ResearchMass Treatment to compare regiment DEC-ALB and DEC-ALB-ivermectin
Accredited Test / Parameter/ MethodType of AccreditationAccreditation InstitutionYear
Parasitology FessesEQASRCPA-Australia2017
Type of testMethodSample TypeHuman Sample SourceAnimal Sample SourceTurn Around Time - TAT (Day)
Direct TestMicroscopeFesses, body fluid, urine, vagina secretYes-1 day
Ova countKato katz-microscopeFessesYes-1 day
Worm cultureHarada Mori, agarFessesYes-3-7 days
Parasitology fesses testDirect microscopic, concentrationand coloringFessesYes-3 days
Cyclospora screenFluoresen MicroscopeFessesYes-2 days
MikrosporidiaCromotrop coloringFesses, eye fluidYes-2 days
Malaria parasit countMicroscope giemsa coloring withthick and thin blood preparationBloodYes-1 day
Microscopic FilariasisGiemsa coloring microscopeEDTA blood on nightYes-2 days
Microfilaria IdentificationMicroscopicNight blood Slide (3 pcs)Yes-2 days
TrypanosomaGeimsa coloringBloodYes-1 day
Serology of MalariaRapid testBloodYes-2 days
Serologi of FilariaRapid testBloodYes-2 days
Serologi of ToxocaraELISA ABSerumYes-1-3 days
Serologi of AmubaELISA ABSerumYes-1-3 days
AcanthamoebaMicroscopic and cultureClinical SpesimenYes-5-7 day
Worm/larva/arthropoda IdentificationMicroscopicParasitYes-1 day
Fly larvae Identification (forensics)MicroscopicFly LarvaeYes-2-3 days
Hidatid cyst fluid testMicroscopicCyst fluidYes-2 days
Amoeba heart abses testMicroscopic (direct and culture)Liver AbsesYes-3 days
Schistosoma testMicroscopicUrine 200ml at 10 a.mYes-2 days
T Vaginalis testMicroscopicFresh UrineYes-2 hours
Parasitology test in wasteMicroscopicSolid, liquid, and semi-solid wasteYes-Dengan perjanjian
EchinococcusELISA ABSerumYes-1 day
PCR ToxoplasmaNested pCRBlood, LCS, eye fluid, TissueYes-5 days
Indian ink Cryptococcus testMicroscopicLCSYes-2 hours
Fluor albus testMicroscopicVaginal secretYes-2 hours
Pinworms testMicroscopicAnus smearYes-2 hours
PCP testMicroscopicSputum inductionand BALYes-2-3 days
Yeast Culture testMicroscopic and cultureYeast colony in a mediumYes-3 days
Fungi sputum testMicroscopic (direct and culture)Sputum 3 consecutive daysYes-5-7 days
Fungi test from touch biopsyColoring and cultureTouch biopsyYes-2-7 days
Culture and sensitivity test of anti fungiCulture, identification, , disc/vitekAll clonicalsample and yeast colonyYes-10 days
Serology of CryptococcusantigenLFABrain fluid, blood, BAL and urineYes-7 days
Galaktomanan AspergillusELISABlood, BAL and sputumYes-24 hours
Galaktomanan AspergillusELISABlood, BAL and sputumYes-3 days
NoLaboratory Equipmentc
1Biosafety Cabinet (Tipe II)
3Biological Microscope
5Deep freezer
8Fume Hood
NoLaboratory Equipment
11ELISA reader
1Make the request letter and proposal
2Discussion with team known by research coordinator
3If approved, the permission letter or contract will be released
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