A Workshop with Indonesian Government

Identification of potential laboratory collaboration

In order to build a strong coordination with stakeholders from various sectors to eradicate the threat of emerging communicable diseases, INDOHUN conducted a workshop involving university laboratories and laboratory office of Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of the Health Ministry, the Agriculture Ministry from 7 provinces: including DKI Jakarta, West Java, D.I Yogyakarta, Central Java, East Java, South Sulawesi, and Central Sulawesi.

This workshop was intended to introduce OHLN programs toward Indonesian government, discuss possible solutions to enhance the laboratory collaboration as well as to discuss the current situation on EID and zoonotic diseases.

On this occasion, the Directorate of Disease, Vector and Zoonotic Prevention and Eradication – the Ministry of Health and the Directorate of Veterinary Public Health – the Ministry of Agriculture delivered the current situation and condition of emerging communicable diseases in Indonesia. Both institutions hoped there will be contribution from universities to prevent and eradicate the diseases.

This workshop was attended by 21 participants from Grant Veterinary Office, university laboratories, research and development office B2P2, Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Office, the Health Laboratory Office which also identified the Emerging Infectious Disease (IED), zoonotic and anti-microbial resistance (AMR) problem in four working areas of each participant as well as collaboration opportunity. Several programs such as the capacity improvement and the establishment of “One Health” laboratory discussion forum in the district were recommended by participants. Those recommendations were to be followed up later by all parties.

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