OHLN Visitation to PRVKP FK UI – RSCM

PRVKP FKUI - RSCM Laboratory Work

PRVKP FKUI – RSCM Laboratory Work

(2 November 2018) In order to expand the network and cooperation, One Health Laboratory Network (OHLN) visited the Research Center for Virology and Cancer Pathobiology (PRVKP) Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (FK UI) affiliated with Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) on the date of 2 November 2018. This visit intends to establish communication, introduce OHLN to the FK UI – RSCM ranks of PRVKP, as well as discuss potential cooperation between PRVKP and OHLN in the national laboratory network in the future. In addition, this visit also intends to conduct an assessment of the assessment of laboratory assessment tool (LAT) for the management of biorisk which was developed by the OHLN team. The LAT was trialled at the virological laboratory to evaluate the validity of the LAT as well as in-depth assessing the capacity, needs and gap of the selected laboratory biorisk-management.

The initial activity was intended to discuss with the PRVKP leadership to introduce OHLN and develop potential for collaboration. The discussion took place in the PRVKP meeting room and was attended by the PRVKP leader and the head and laboratory staff. The outcome of the discussion was the acceptance of OHLN to collaborate with PRVKP and to conduct an assessment in the virological laboratory.

On the occasion, the OHLN team also gave a presentation on the Laboratory Biorisk Management System (SMBL). An introduction to the OHLN Laboratory Assessment Tool (LAT) was also made at the occasion. This is intended so that the head and laboratory staff at PRVKP understand SNI-SMBL-related and as a prefix of the trial evaluation using the OHLN LAT.

On this occasion, OHLN was welcomed by the FK UI PRVKP in fostering potential collaboration going forward. The assessors from OHLN then conducted an assessment using OHLN LAT. The activity was closed by presenting the results of the assessment and recommendations for improvement from the OHLN assessors to the PRVKP virological laboratory staff.


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