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The Development of One Health Laboratory Network Organization (OHLN)

Following the last coordination meeting on January 2017, INDOHUN held another meeting on July 2017 in Yogyakarta. This meeting was attended by 7 university collaboration representatives and 12 representatives from faculty of medicine and faculty of veterinary member of One Health Laboratory Network (OHLN). As the early step to introduce OHLN programs toward university authorities and to strengthen the organization collaboration, this meeting intended to discuss the collaboration framework and type of OHLN collaboration with all involved stakeholders from the university, faculty and laboratory itself. Also, this meeting was focused to examine the draft of memorandum of understanding (MoU) and collaboration agreement between member universities and INDOHUN. From this meeting, it was expected that each university got a clear picture of OHLN programs and activities in 2017

Participants of the OHLN Organization Meeting

On this meeting, all participants gave their opinions and suggestions toward the development of OHLN management in the future. At the end of the meeting, the memorandum of understanding was assigned, in which it included Tri Dharma PerguruanTinggi values: education, research and community development, with “One Health” approach. On the other hand, the collaboration agreement was specifically contained detail technical information of one health laboratory network.

All participants agreed that the memorandum of understanding should be assigned by university rector, while the collaboration agreement between 9 faculty members will be assigned by each dean, they are 1) Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia, 2) Faculty of Veterinary, Bogor Agricultural University, 3) Faculty of Medicine, Padjajaran University, 4) Faculty of Medicine, GadjahMada University, 5) Faculty of Veterinary, GadjahMada University, 6) Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University, 7) Faculty of Veterinary, Airlangga University, 8) Faculty of Medicine, HasanuddinUNiveristy, and 9) Faculty of Medicine, Sam Ratuangi University.

Further, all participants also agreed that if any OHLN new program to be made in the future that has not been listed on the previous agreement, a new contract should be made. Apart from that, remembering the difference in financial system applied by each member university, detailed information regarding financial issues will be discussed on the agreement and explained towards all member.

It was expected that from both memorandum of understanding (Mou) and collaboration agreement, the implementation of OHLN program would run successfully by highly upholding the spirit of teamwork, equality and productivity.

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